ARTIST OF THE MONTH OF JUNE DRÉA Quebec How did you discover collage?  In my grandfather’s attic, there were piles of Life magazine. I was mesmerized by the images of this magazine, by the power that emanated from the compositions and that described an America in full mutation. I started cutting them up and gluing […]

Marie-Pier Lopes

ARTIST OF THE MONTH OF JUNE Marie-Pier Lopes Montreal How did you discover collage? I actually discovered collage in university in a 2D exploration course. It was only a few years later when I lived with a friend who didn’t want me to have my painting studio at home that I turned to the practice […]

Frederick Ouellet

ARTIST OF THE MONTH OF JUNE FrederickOuellet Montréal How did you discover collage? I’ve been doing collage for a really long time, but in the beginning, it was more for color test and quick sketches. But in the winter of 2019, I deepened my approach in this direction and started big thematic series. What did […]

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