Arthur Guillarme (artychot)


How did you discover collage?

During a trip to the chalet, it was already very late and a friend suggested that I listen to music and write poetry using words cut out of magazines. Nourished by my career in digital arts, reflections with my entourage on the complexity of providing digital art with a physical body that is technically easy to decode for spectators, the idea emerged of making the codes of mediums waltz. Then, as soon as I returned from this excursion, I searched in my stock of findings and pulled out magazines and a scanner. The adventure was on!

What do you like about the collage medium?

« In chaos, everything unfolds as planned[?] »

How would you describe your style?

These experiments illustrate the porosity of memory and are an analogy between the failability of memories, and of the machine. A work of gesture in search of emergence, of the aesthetics of error; like an attempt to paint with new materials on new surfaces while waltzing with transmedia artistic codes. During digitization, like a puppeter, I set the pieces of my compositions in motion in order to develop an aesthetic that waltzes with the codes of technological art, collage, glitch art, generative art and of Dadaism.

In one word, what makes you unique?


Where do you find your material? What are your favorite magazines?

The materials used come from findings made in Montreal trash; with a desire to hack resources both aesthetically and technically. The thickness of the paper and the printing are central elements in the choice of magazines. Some of them that hold my attention at the moment: NatGeo and The Atlantic.

Any advice for a newcomer collagist?

Every space can be an art gallery.

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Arthur Guillarme (Artychot)
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