Beyond - Open call 2023

Open to the public, Quebec Collage invites collagists, amateurs and professionals, from all over the world to participate to an artist open call for its virtual exhibition Beyond. This suggested theme refers to the idea that we can have a reading going beyond appearances, words, text, and with another degree of interpretation (this one, guided by our perceptions, our intuitions or even by the meaning of symbols.) We can also see « Beyond » with a spiritual, whimsical, philosophical perspective, and more!

The theme is free, but you will have to integrate pieces of text into your work to add texture to your composition. Be inspired! Use newspaper pieces, editorial text of different colours, different languages, handwritten letters, etc. Be careful! This is not a work on the text, but rather a search for style. You can certainly play with the text if you want to.

Instructions :

For collagists of all kinds, amateurs, professionals, beginners or not.

  1. On 8.5 x 11 inch or 9 x 12 inch sheet.

  2. Include excerpts or scraps of texts in your collage. The ratio to be occupied by this texture should be one-third to one-half of your working surface.

Accepted mediums : Analogue collage, mixed collage and digital collage.

In June, the selected works will be part of a virtual exhibition on the Instagram of Quebec Collage, its Facebook gallery and eventually, on its website at The collage must have been created for the event, without being exclusive to it. In addition, your work could be associated with future Quebec Collage projects.
(Proposed TAGS for your social media publications: #worldcollageday #quebeccollage #lookingaround)

For the local artists of Quebec, some works will be selected and put on sale for a physical exhibition at the gallery Coups de Pinceaux, Coups de ciseaux, for the full month of June. 30% of the sale will be retained for the gallery and its mission. Mention your interest in participating to the exhibition in your email. Those selected will be contacted directly before 21 May.

Submission of your collage :

Deadline : May 19th 2023, midnight

Send a picture of your work (in good quality and/or scanned at 300 dpi in JPEG) at

✄ Email Title : Beyond
✄ Title of your work, dimensions, medium
✄ Your first and last name
✄ Country, region
✄ Your social networks, your website, etc.

Those interested in participating in the gallery exhibition will have to provide us with the price of their work, have it framed and make themselves available to drop it off on site.

Thank you all for your participation!
We look forward to receiving your creations.

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