Blue – World Collage Day 2021

Open Call : Blue – World Collage day, International

Blue, a color and an emotion, to feel blue or have the blues (in French, avoir les blues)
This important color influenced Picasso at the beginning (the blue period), it was for him a dark period filled with melancholy, poverty and emotional fragility. A parallel can be drawn between this period and the period in which we live.

To celebrate International Collage Day on May 8, 2021, Québec Collage invites you to create a mostly blue collage. The collage can integrate other colors, but these must be minimally used.
Free theme, but must contain mostly blue.
Free size, but 8x 11 inches or 20cmx20cm suggested
Analogue, digital and mixed media allowed

Amateur or professional collage, beginner or not.
#worldcollageday #quebeccollage #bleublue

The work must have been created for the event, without being exclusive.
Please provide a good quality photo without background at: before midnight on 26 April 2021.

Email Subject: Blue/ bleu
Please provide a 1 sentence testimonial on why you like collage.
some sentences will also be chosen for use on the Quebec Collage website and on
Indicate title, size, and medium
Last name, first name
Country, State/Province
Social media/website

Virginie Maltais, Montréal, Québec © 2021

The selected works will be shown on Quebec Collage’s Instagram starting May 8, 2021, as well as Facebook and web galleries on The works may be associated with potential Quebec Collage projects in the future.

Happy collaging!

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