Anne-Sophie Perreault (Toffie)


How did you discover collage?

Very early on, at about age 7. I used to cut out my mother’s “Clin d’Oeil” magazines to create works.

What do you like about the collage medium?

The infinite possibilities. With the same cutouts, I can create a lot of different pieces. Also, I really like mixing analogue with digital. I find that it gives more depth to my work.

How would you describe your style?

Very soft and feminine. I mostly use women in my collages. In addition, I consider that I don’t have a specific style of my own : I like to have fun and diversify my techniques. I don’t like to stick to one style only.

In one word, what makes you unique?


Where do you find your material? What are your favorite magazines?

I was lucky enough to find a lady selling over 100 vintage fashion magazines on Marketplace! Otherwise, I use copyright-free image banks and sometimes even some of my works created as a poster designer.

Any advice for a newcomer collagist?

Test, have fun, try, don’t aim to be perfect. Sometimes, imperfection is even more beautiful than perfection.

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Anne-Sophie Perrault (Toffie)
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