How did you discover collage?

I first became interested in collage using digital techniques. I did several years of digital practice, especially in photomanipulation, before developing my own traditional practice. In 2020 I switched to analog collage following a sensory need to touch the materials in a concrete, tactile way. I often use photographic transfer and acrylic painting through my collages.

What did you like about the collage medium?

I like analog collage because it allows me to make a visual synthesis of a specific concept or to push me to think about how to create a unity with disparate elements, depending on the context. In either case, the possibilities are infinite and allow me to create in a very personal, very intimate way.

How would you describe your style?

I am very inspired by surrealism, as much for its ideologies as for its plastic and visual characteristics. I often refer to symbols that evoke the sky, the dream, the “greater than oneself” and I am interested in the relationship between the human being in his environment and the space he occupies.

In one word, what makes you unique?

My imagination.

Where do you find you collage material? What are your favorite magazines?

I mostly use handmade paper and art magazines for my collages. 

Any advice for a newcomer collagist?

It is necessary to experiment, to diversify, not to be afraid of mixing diverse techniques and materials.

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Emilie Léger
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