How did you discover collage?

I discovered collage by coincidence when looking through the internet for other forms of art than painting and drawing. I was doing paintings since I first started working in art years and years ago.

What did you like about the collage medium?

When I first started exploring and working with collage, it was good. With time, I just fell in love with the process and its ways of surprising me constantly with the results. I love the fact that I can use different mediums on a different surface such as paper, wood, canvas, etc. The results are always extraordinary and fascinating. You can express yourself and express a lot of different ideas. With time and experience, you learn and it becomes more and more interesting. Also, it’s so much fun, you can hardly stop!

How would you describe your style? 

My style is modern, vibrant and colorful. It also brings energy and good vibes. It’s close to contemporary and pop art. It’s happy too and wants to be encouraging to women all over the world.

In one word, what makes you unique?

Spreading happy vibes and energy through my work.

Where do you find you collage material? What are your favorite magazines?

I find my materials from free pics on the Internet or from different magazines I buy or I find. Sometimes, I use different kind of papers (even paper bags or gift bags) and occasionally I use gold or silver sheets, colouring pens, acrylics, etc. My favorite magazines are all about women and fashion, such as Cosmopolitan.

Any advice for a newcomer collagist?

With time, experience and a lot of work, you will find your style. Keep working, experimenting and never give up. It’s a beautiful exciting world. Enjoy it.

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Shereen Audi
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