How did you discover collage?

Through my girlfriend who introduced me to collage through a collaborative creation. I then developed my own creative style researched on my own.

What did you like about the collage medium?

I like the photographic and cinematic aspect, as well as the possibility of rearranging the real and transforming it as I please. The use of photography gives a powerful realistic impact whose atmosphere can be sculpted in a truly expressive and experimental way. The creative process based on intuition and the assembly of disparate images, this process specific to the collage is also something that fascinated me most because it involves a part of destiny that amazes me every time.

How would you describe your style? 

Both wild and precise. Atmospheric. Intense. Cathartic. Mysterious.

In one word, what makes you unique?


Where do you find you collage material? What are your favorite magazines?

Here and there, bu chance or my destiny. High fashion magazines: Numéro, Vogue, V magazine, etc. and Black & White magazines (black and white photography).

Any advice for a newcomer collagist?

Don’t listen too much to the advice of others. Listen to your intuition at all times, it is the only valid teacher.

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François-Xavier Vigneault-Marcil
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