How did you discover collage?

It was when I started surfing YouTube that it all began. I remember with emotion the feeling of being «back home» that invaded me. I’m a woman of words and making collage is telling a story with images. I always loved challenges also and with the Covid-19 pandemic, I have collaged more than ever.

What did you like about the collage medium?

Unlike painting, collage is clean on my hands and the environment. I like it. In addition, anything is possible with collage. Great freedom! I like to be inspired by an image, play with it and oh yes… tear it apart. I love the sound and this little white and ripped border…

How do you describe your style? 

My collages are poetic, sometimes minimalist and sometimes busier.

In one word, what makes you unique? 

Intuition and my brain. But also my desire to inspire : hence my YouTube channel.

Where do you find your collage material? What are your favorite magazines?

I was lucky to receive donations (meaning a ton!) of magazines. The dream! Otherwise, I pick them up wherever I find them: book-sharing boxes, thrift stores, etc. I like all magazines. Old issues are more interesting because of the ads.

Any advice for a newcomer collagist?

Don’t be afraid to try, cut and tear images… after all, it’s just paper!

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Joanne Lafrance
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